Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales

Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View

Close up photo of Most Beloved Cat at Gardens at Effingham

Red and Orange Dwarf Mounding Chokeberry in Fall in the Midwest, Gardens at Effingham
Chokeberry in Fall, Gardens at Effingham

Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View

…Says She, Making a List

Doves in the ground apples
Yellow and red chrysanthemums
Orange Canna Lillie still blooming
Lilirope (lily turf) blooming.

Birds—little birds and songbirds—bathing in the water garden falls
Chipmunk? Not yet, though perfect day for sunning
Squirrels? No
White moths, Yes
Yellow Goldfinches? Now brown

Apples grounded
Though still some red in the sun
Lavender blooming wildly
Lily pads lingering still
Water/ butter lettuce full and thriving

Fish nibbling on water lettuce leaves

Sun garden birdfeeder quite busy
3 doves fluttering “coo, coo” beneath the apple tree
Yellow Moonbeam Coreopsis will need replaced next year
Purple Verbena is brilliant
And Salvia and Coneflowers, white speedwell, and heliotrophe galore



Orange, red, and yellow chrysanthemum in the Fall in the Midwest at Gardens at Effingham
Yellow, Red, and Orange Chrysantheumum in Fall



Liriope (known as Blue Lily Turf) has green and white striped grasslike leaves and is in full bloom in late summer in the Midwest at Gardens at Effingham
Blue Lily Turf (Liriope) in Summer


Ground Apples

Ground apples in shades of green and red scattered beneath an apple tree with a few branches in the foreground. Brick wall in background of photo. Gardens at Effingham, Midwest Gardening
Green and Red Ground Apples in Fall

Monarda and perennials need moved to sun garden (next year)
Chipmunk! Chubby cheeks

Photo of a frog sitting and sunning itself on a sunny afternoon
Frog Sitting on a Rock in the Afternoon Sun

Scared the frog! Birds in the feeder—the suet ball is empty
Starlings en masse have been gorging themselves

Brilliant Red Cardinal and Bluejay ground feeding
Yellow and red chrysanthemums
Red-winged blackbird
Later, a red-bellied woodpecker, always eating alone

And two downy woodpeckers, not eating together, but both frequent visitors to the seed cakes

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