Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales

Welcome to Gardens at Effingham

Rhododendron leaves changing color in the fall photographed at Gardens at Effingham
Rhododendron Leaves Changing Color in the Fall

A delightful, whimsical look at Midwest Gardening told through the stories, musings, and journals of the cats who live there.

Red and Green Leaves of a Rhododendron in late fall in the midwest.

Welcome to Gardens at Effingham

Meet “Most Beloved”

A small white cat, "Most Beloved" photographed sitting on a stool beside a window. She is the indoor cat at Gardens at Effingham

What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Charles Dickens

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“Okay,Who Gave the Cat a Pen?”

Ah ha! Captured! That stray pen–twirling, whirling, edging ever closer its way towards me. And Paper? Well, that’s a given. I’m already sitting on top of a stack of papers. ’Tis my place (always) to sit atop her papers, especially when she’s writing, especially the papers she’s trying to use.  And besides, what use does she…

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Happy Spring and Artful Blooms! A Poem by the Cat

Celebration in Spring Blooms -by Most Beloved A Poem by the Cat Celebration in Spring Blooms by Most Beloved The serviceberries opened their white blossoms this week. A gentle breeze scatters their petals and airborne, they sift and drift down, joy in their flight, celebration in their journey. Most Affectionately Yours, Most Beloved

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Cat Naps and Winter Dreams: Is it Spring Yet?

Winter Daydreams Eagerly await mail for seed and flower garden catalogs to arriveBring in mail and start an ongoing (and ever-towering) stack of winter dreams Pile up all garden books, magazines, journals, and catalogsGather a soft, snuggly blanket (preferably one that looks good against all my white fur) Get excited and open several catalogs and…

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