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photo of Most Beloved Cat, a little white cat with a few dark patches
Most Beloved, Gardens at Effingham

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Photo of Most Beloved Cat a little white cat at Gardens at Effingham

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales. My name is Most Beloved. I write the cat tales, and I especially like tattling on the garden cats. I live in the big house at Gardens at Effingham, and have the luxury of being the only indoor cat. I had a rough time as…

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Celebrate the Seasons! Gorgeous Garden Photos by Most Beloved

A Note from Most Beloved Sometimes, I journal my cat tales. Sometimes, (okay, quite a bit of time) I nap. Oftentimes, I munch and crunch on num-nums while journaling. And the rest of the time? Time when I’m not napping, paw-printing my way through my cat tales, and snacking on num-nums? I snap photographs of…

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Ode to Joy of Being a Cat

From the Journals of Most Beloved: Ode to Joy of Being a Cat From the Journals of Most Beloved Ode to Joy of Being a Cat Scherzo. Forte. Crescendo without dénouement. Succession of notes, days metered in the click-click of 4/4, key of A (for August heat), unstable and trilling, repetition the same and in…

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