Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales

Meet More Cats

Daddy Cat in the Rose Garden

photograph of Daddy Cat, adult male tabby, napping on sun-warmed bricks in late afternoon
Daddy Cat
Photograph of a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Tess at Gardens at Effingham
Tessa Cat in the Afternoon
Striped adult female cat named Double-Dipped with her kitten in the sunshine
Double-Dipped and Her Kitten Enjoying the Sunshine
Daddy Cat Napping in Late Afternoon photograph of sleeping cat on warm brick sidewalk
Daddy Cat Napping in Late Afternoon
Photograph of Daddy Cat, a tabby, next to red roses with a stone wall backdrop

Gardens at Effingham:

Daddy Cat in the Rose Garden

Gardens at Effingham
photograph of Daddy Cat in Fall
Daddy Cat in Fall
A photo of an adult male striped cat with swirled marking. The dark whirls and swirls give Swirly a distinct look that separates him apart from the other cats. Gardens at Effingham
Swirly Cat
photo of "Who's This?" a young tabby sitting on an outdoor ledge looking into a window
Who’s This?
photo of Tessa Cat, a beautiful Maine Coon tabby adult female ct, in winter
Tessa Cat in Winter
Photograph of a light gray kitten and dark gray kitten sitting close together in the snow
Kittens in Snow
photograph of tabby kitten on rock in winter snow
Tabby Kitten in Snow
photo of kittens in winter snow
Kittens in Winter Snow
Photo of Cali Cat sitting on brick wall at Gardens at Effingham
Cali Cat
Photograph of Most Beloved, the small, white indoor cat at Gardens at Effingham, with her tongue stuck out
Most Beloved
Photo of Tessa Cat, a Maine Coon adult female cat, sitting in rose garden in winter snow
Beautiful Tessa
Photo of Tessa Cat, a Maine Coon female cat, and a kitten in the rose garden in early fall
Tessa and Kitten
photo of black and white adult male cat standing on the rocks next to the koi pond
Stashio Cat
Photo of Most Beloved, the only indoor cat at Gardens at Effingham, upside down with her tongue stuck out
Most Beloved

Meet More Cats

photo of Most Beloved cat upside down

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