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  • Finding Spring in the Snow: Happiness is the Color of Daffodils

    Daffodils in Early Spring With their creamy yellow centers surrounded by snow-white petals, Daffodils bring smiles of joy and unbridled happiness in anticipation of spring. Saturday and I’m dilly-dallying the day away. Frivolously, I might add, and contentedly I must add, for I am alone with she who loves and adores me. Just the two […]

  • Happy Highlights: Newborn Kittens Video!

    Welcome to my journals! So good to see you here. I am “Most Beloved,” she who lives in the big house at Gardens at Effingham. I write a great many of the stories here, recording my observations, snapping photos, and keeping a daily journal about the gardens. My journals are my sketchbook where I keep […]

  • Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View

    Close up photo of Most Beloved Cat at Gardens at Effingham

    Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View …Says She, Making a List Doves in the ground applesYellow and red chrysanthemums Orange Canna Lillie still bloomingLilirope (lily turf) blooming. Birds—little birds and songbirds—bathing in the water garden fallsChipmunk? Not yet, though perfect day for sunningSquirrels? NoWhite moths, YesYellow Goldfinches? Now brown Apples groundedThough still some red […]

  • The Cat, Considering Fall, Wists Melancholy

    Fall Brings Melancholy and Reflection Fall brings melancholy and reflection. Earth, plants, trees, and flowers all begin to prepare for whatever journey life intends for them. Seeds scatter, birds migrate, bumble bees still cover themselves in pollen from flowers still blooming. Lavender is blooming again, still a dark purple, still vibrant and healthy, but fewer […]

  • The Cat Writes a Poem-A Cat Tale for Spring

    Photo of Most Beloved, a snowy white short-haired American cat, Gardens at Effingham, at is looking over her shoulder and photo is close up

    From the Journals of Most Beloved- Spring Journals A mid-spring’s day, a perfect day, a day neither hot nor cold; exactly as I like it Watching birds.  Robin. 2 mourning doves. A small song sparrow. Courtship of the mourning doves. Choosing a nesting spot. The intentional delivery of a well-chosen site, one safe and out […]

  • Happy Spring and Artful Blooms! A Poem by the Cat

    Peach-colored flowering quince close up

    -by Most Beloved Celebration in Spring Blooms A Poem by the Cat Celebration in Spring Blooms by Most Beloved The serviceberries opened their white blossoms this week. A gentle breeze scatters their petals and airborne, they sift and drift down, joy in their flight, celebration in their journey. Most Affectionately Yours, Most Beloved

  • A Mother’s Day to Remember-Cali Cat Has Kittens

    Mother’s Day Surprise A glorious May Mother’s Day, replete with brilliant blue skies and wisps of sun-drenched clouds, became gardens requiring enormous clean-up once the storm had passed. We had walked in the mid-afternoon, savoring the sun and remarking on the cerulean blue sky. But we had no longer returned home before the skies grew […]

  • From the Journals of Most Beloved-Dreaming of Roses

    Somewhere between here and there– Autumn in the Midwest November now-Late fall, crunchy leaves, shades of muted yellows and browns, trees standing stark against this November gray. In the midst of a dreary rain on a late fall afternoon, one must dream forward to an invincible spring, one where everywhere the gardens awaken. Only a […]

  • Meet “Most Beloved” Cat: Her Backstory Writes the Tales

    Photo of Most Beloved Cat, a small, white cat who writes the cat tales at Gardens at Effingham. Most Beloved cat is sitting in a gold reading chair. She looks content.

    How Did I Come To Be Most Beloved? The Garden Shed Once upon a snowy winter’s evening, a little boy found me shivering and terribly hungry. I hid from the bitter cold under a garden shed, but the little boy cried out to Mommy, “Mew, Mew-Mew, Mew” over and over until she peeked down to […]

  • When Peaches Meow: Musings with “Most Beloved”

    The Orchard Years I look up and above to the picture Mom gifted me of my 11-year-old self, hand across the back of our Labrador Retriever’s shoulder, and Dusty (our rescued groundhog) pulling at his jaw. I was sitting, plaintive smile, faraway look in my eyes even then, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, […]

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