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Celebrate the Seasons! Gorgeous Garden Photos by Most Beloved

Peach flowering quince branch in full bloom close up photograph.
Flowering Quince, Gardens at Effingham

A Note from Most Beloved

Sometimes, I journal my cat tales. Sometimes, (okay, quite a bit of time) I nap. Oftentimes, I munch and crunch on num-nums while journaling.

And the rest of the time? Time when I’m not napping, paw-printing my way through my cat tales, and snacking on num-nums? I snap photographs of the gardens.

I’m not (technically) supposed to be using the camera of She-Who-Loves-Me-Most because sometimes? Well sometimes my paws drop things. Accidentally of course! I mean, sometimes a pen just rolls off the desk. Even though I always try to hold onto that pen (how else can I journal?).

Sometimes my water glass just moves itself closer and closer to the edge of wherever I’m sitting. Is it following me? I try to catch the glass before it falls, but alas, my paws are not adept at catching things that roll and slip-slide away.

I am, however, terrific at pushing buttons. Keyboard buttons, things that go clickety-clack, mouse buttons, camera buttons, and oodles of other buttons. But I do feel a nap coming on. Yawn and ta-da, I present to you my garden photographs. Enjoy!

Most Affectionately Yours,

Most Beloved

Cats, gardens, books, and tea

Make life extraordinary and complete.

Most Beloved Cat, Gardens at Effingham
Photo of Most Beloved Cat, a little white cat with a few dark patches, sitting in a cat hammock

Celebrate the Seasons

through Flowers

Spring Beauty

Spring and summer bring a spectacular display of early, mid, and late blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees: crocus, spring beauties, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, azaleas, rhododendron, dogwood, crab-apple, redbud, fruit trees (and more).

Purple Lilac in Bloom Close Up Photograph
Purple Lilac in Bloom

Summer Heat

By mid-summer, the gardens are fragrant with roses, daylillies, hosta, hydrangea, viburnum, resurrection lilies, ripe fruit on trees and vines, and plentiful berries.

Peach Daylily in a Cluster of Two
Peach Daylily in Twos
Field of Black-Eyed Susans
Black-Eyed Susan in Full Bloom

Falling Leaves

Fall brings chrysanthemums and ornamental gourds, acorn and butternut squash, pumpkins of all varieties, seedum, and a colorful display as the flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees change into reds, oranges, yellows before the first frost.

Winter Dreams

And winter? A dormant display of trees without leaves, shriveled flowers and vines (important food for the birds who winter over), striking color in some shrubs, evergreens, Norway spruce, dogwood, and junipers, and a brilliant beauty in knowing that all that seems lost is merely tucked in for winter.

Winter Brings Snow

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