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  • A Photo Gallery of Midwest Gardens in Bloom

    Celebrate the Seasons through Flowers At Gardens at Effingham, we celebrate spring, summer, winter, and fall through the joy of our perennial gardens. Enjoy the gardens in full bloom through this photo gallery of the seasons. Spring Beauty Spring and summer bring a spectacular display of early, mid, and late blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees: […]

  • Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View

    Close up photo of Most Beloved Cat at Gardens at Effingham

    Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View …Says She, Making a List Doves in the ground applesYellow and red chrysanthemums Orange Canna Lillie still bloomingLilirope (lily turf) blooming. Birds—little birds and songbirds—bathing in the water garden fallsChipmunk? Not yet, though perfect day for sunningSquirrels? NoWhite moths, YesYellow Goldfinches? Now brown Apples groundedThough still some red […]

  • The Cat, Considering Fall, Wists Melancholy

    Fall Brings Melancholy and Reflection Fall brings melancholy and reflection. Earth, plants, trees, and flowers all begin to prepare for whatever journey life intends for them. Seeds scatter, birds migrate, bumble bees still cover themselves in pollen from flowers still blooming. Lavender is blooming again, still a dark purple, still vibrant and healthy, but fewer […]

  • “Okay,Who Gave the Cat a Pen?”

    Ah ha! Captured! That stray pen–twirling, whirling, edging ever closer its way towards me. And Paper? Well, that’s a given. I’m already sitting on top of a stack of papers. ’Tis my place (always) to sit atop her papers, especially when she’s writing, especially the papers she’s trying to use.  And besides, what use does she […]

  • Paradise Lost

    From the Journals of Most Beloved November 17, 2019 Sunday, cold now, but beautiful and sunny today I found a dead bird today, vertical descent and upside down in the suet round house feeder, the one under the awning and cornering the sweet bay magnolia against the house.  I found it quite by accident. Shock […]

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