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Featured: Ninja Finds a Forever Home (And Other Black Cats in Fall)

Ninja cat sits on a shelf beside a basket of yellow flowers

Photo of Stashio Cat, a black and white tuxedo cat, on a brick wall under the branches of a weeping cherry tree
Stashio Cat on Brick Wall

Ninja Finds a Forever Home

Photo of Black cat named Ninja sitting on ledge beside a basket of yellow and pink dried flowers against a blue-painted wall
Ninja Cat at His New Forever Home

Ninja is Happy to Find a Friend

Photo of 2 black cats named Ninja cat and Cassie cat
Cassie and Ninja Cat Together
Ninja Cat, a black cat, on Colorful Couch in His New Home
Ninja Cat on a Colorful Couch in His New Forever Home
Photo of Black Cat named Ninja
Ninja Cat with His Yellow and Green Eyes
Photo of 2 black cats named Ninja cat and Cassie cat
Cassie and Ninja Cat Together

From the Journals of Most Beloved:

Ninja’s Story

October Greetings and All that Jazz-

Chilly night here mid-October and yikes! Days are short now. Not much daylight to lounge about basking in the golden rays of the sun. The dark descends quickly now. Shadow shapes slip in and around the gardens. Sleek shadows. Black shadows. Tabby Cats. Sylvia and Lydia, the silver twins. Stashio swooping in for one last meal of the day. One quick chomp, chomp, chomp at the feeding station before he starts his nighttime prowl.

It’s always a good thing when a garden cat finds a forever home. A place to stay warm year round. Plenty of kibble at all times of day. Snacks even. Oh, and catnip-did I mention the catnip?

Being adopted into a forever home with a forever friend means finding a warm spot to snuggle at night. Let it rain. Let it snow. Let the hail and sleet come. An adopted cat in a forever home stays warm and dry. Happy. Taking luxurious baths. Doting on their forever friend who adopted them. Purring soft loving gurgles.

Being adopted means being happy and well-fed. Content. Part of a family. Someone to love. And someone to love me. How do I know? Because I was rescued and adopted on a cold winter’s night. You can read my story here: Most Beloved’s Backstory

What Happened?

A little black kitten and his tabby sister used to be part of my daytime entertainment. I would watch through the big window as they played and frolicked. They could be quite silly, rolling one another over, paws and legs flailing all in the name of play.

Then one day, she-who-loves-me talked affectionately about cats. I thought she was talking about moi. I do look pretty in the afternoon, after I’ve had a quick power-nap and bath. But no. . .she kept talking about a black cat. A black kitten. Our black kitten. She had a lilt in her voice and sounded excited.

The next morning (after I had lingered over a delightful breakfast), it was time to feed the garden cats. I could see the commotion from my window view. The black kitten wanted fed first. The next thing I knew, the black kitten was being carried away.

That afternoon, the girl who was adopting the black kitten came to pick him up. He was upside down in the cat carrier, feet and toes firmly holding on to the top. She laughed. He didn’t have a name yet, but she named him “Ninja” right on the spot.

Ninja at Home

When she got home, she sent pictures to she-who-loves-me. Ninja looked completely at home in the photos. Spoiled even. Happy cat. And happier yet still when he met his friend Cassie, a black cat who already lived at his new house. Yay! And even happier when the thunderstorms came (and the lightening flashed) and all that booming and flashing was outside while he was inside. Warm. Fed. Happy. Doted On.

I thought I’d share a few photos with you. He still looks like the little kitten who frolicked here, but now he’s nearly grown. And he’s big! He loves getting new toys, and one of his favorite games is jumping up high to catch his toys. He’s strong and sleek, healthy and happy.

Most Affectionately Yours,

Most Beloved

Photo of Most Beloved Cat standing on her hind legs to look out the door at the garden cats

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black and white cat named Stashio photographed on rocks near water pond
Stashio Cat Getting a Drink from the Koi Pond

If this is the rose garden, where are all of the roses? I am most unimpressed.

“Just Strolling Through” Black and White Cat
Black Cat named Stashio Cat Sitting in the Rose Garden
Photo of Shadow Cat, a black cat, walking in fall leaves
Shadow Cat Walking in Fall Leaves

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