Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales

Happy Highlights: Newborn Kittens Video!

Photograph of a Small, white, female cat sitting on a windowsill with her neck stretched tall because she's looking at a bird through the window. " Most Beloved" is the cat who writes the tales at Gardens at Effingham.

Welcome to my journals!

So good to see you here. I am “Most Beloved,” she who lives in the big house at Gardens at Effingham.

I write a great many of the stories here, recording my observations, snapping photos, and keeping a daily journal about the gardens.

My journals are my sketchbook where I keep detailed notes about the cats and the many activities and adventures in the gardens.

Welcome to the Gardens at Effingham.

Cali’s Newborn Kittens Video

From the Journals of Most Beloved

A white cat named "Most Beloved" photographed close up as she yawns. The cat is missing one front fang tooth and her yawn is enormous. Her cat 's tongue is pink and the cat appears as though she is smiling. Happy cat just waking up from a nap
Most Beloved” waking up from a nap, Gardens at Effingham
Pretty white cat with a dark striped spot on her right ear sleeping on a desk with her shoulders propped up on a desk lamp. Pink nose, pink ears, white whiskers and soundly asleep, this is a photograph of "Most Beloved" at Gardens at Effingham

What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Charles Dickens

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