Month: September 2020

  • Meet “Most Beloved” Cat: Her Backstory Writes the Tales

    Photo of Most Beloved Cat, a small, white cat who writes the cat tales at Gardens at Effingham. Most Beloved cat is sitting in a gold reading chair. She looks content.

    How Did I Come To Be Most Beloved? The Garden Shed Once upon a snowy winter’s evening, a little boy found me shivering and terribly hungry. I hid from the bitter cold under a garden shed, but the little boy cried out to Mommy, “Mew, Mew-Mew, Mew” over and over until she peeked down to […]

  • “Okay,Who Gave the Cat a Pen?”

    Ah ha! Captured! That stray pen–twirling, whirling, edging ever closer its way towards me. And Paper? Well, that’s a given. I’m already sitting on top of a stack of papers. ’Tis my place (always) to sit atop her papers, especially when she’s writing, especially the papers she’s trying to use.  And besides, what use does she […]

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