Month: March 2022

  • A Photo Gallery of Midwest Gardens in Bloom

    Celebrate the Seasons through Flowers At Gardens at Effingham, we celebrate spring, summer, winter, and fall through the joy of our perennial gardens. Enjoy the gardens in full bloom through this photo gallery of the seasons. Spring Beauty Spring and summer bring a spectacular display of early, mid, and late blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees: […]

  • Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View

    Close up photo of Most Beloved Cat at Gardens at Effingham

    Seeing the Gardens: A Cat’s Eye View …Says She, Making a List Doves in the ground applesYellow and red chrysanthemums Orange Canna Lillie still bloomingLilirope (lily turf) blooming. Birds—little birds and songbirds—bathing in the water garden fallsChipmunk? Not yet, though perfect day for sunningSquirrels? NoWhite moths, YesYellow Goldfinches? Now brown Apples groundedThough still some red […]

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