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When Cats Watch Birds-Most Beloved Takes a Decidedly Melancholy Drift

Glorious spring, Gardens at Effingham

From the Journals of Most Beloved- Spring Journals

A mid-spring’s day, a perfect day, a day neither hot nor cold; exactly as I like it

Watching birds. 

Robin. 2 mourning doves. A small song sparrow. Courtship of the mourning doves. Choosing a nesting spot. The intentional delivery of a well-chosen site, one safe and out of harm’s way, one forever lost to who I am now. 

I do not know if I will ever not feel this guilt. It ebbs, wanes, passes. I reconcile, cry, write, despair, and yet to this end, can do nothing to change what will always be my past. I love that there are teeny tiny little song birds up high on the walnut tree. I love that these walnut trees, pesky as they might be, stand noble and strong, hosts to birds, squirrels, and ugh, a hawk who hunts our birds. 

I welcome spring, knowing never how many I can count—springs, sunny skies, bird songs, clickety-clackety drilling of our woodpeckers.

And so I sing a little song to myself, a melody that haunts no one save me this little song of myself:

And so I sing a little song to myself

Le Printemps

Le printemps, le printemps 
C'est très joli le printemps 
If only, if only I could be someone else. 
A bird perhaps or mere feather caught on wings 
Without bow and arrow always piercing the wind 
Caught somewhere between flight's lift and life's fall 
If only, If only fate hadn't taken my heart    
Most Beloved, Gardens at Effingham

Most Affectionately Yours,

Most Beloved

Gardening with Cats Journals by Most Beloved Poetry Seasons of the Year Spring Beauty

Happy Spring and Artful Blooms! A Poem by the Cat

Celebration in Spring Blooms

-by Most Beloved

The serviceberries opened their white blossoms this week.
A gentle breeze scatters their petals and airborne,
they sift and drift down, 
joy in their flight,
celebration in their journey.

White flowering Star Magnolia photographed at Gardens at Effingham
Flowering Star Magnolia
Gorgeous pink blossoms on crabapple tree, Gardens at Effingham
Flowering Crabapple
Profuse peach-colored flowering quince in spring at Gardens at Effingham
Flowering Quince