Category: Poetry

  • The Cat Writes a Poem-A Cat Tale for Spring

    Photo of Most Beloved, a snowy white short-haired American cat, Gardens at Effingham, at is looking over her shoulder and photo is close up

    From the Journals of Most Beloved- Spring Journals A mid-spring’s day, a perfect day, a day neither hot nor cold; exactly as I like it Watching birds.  Robin. 2 mourning doves. A small song sparrow. Courtship of the mourning doves. Choosing a nesting spot. The intentional delivery of a well-chosen site, one safe and out […]

  • Happy Spring and Artful Blooms! A Poem by the Cat

    Peach-colored flowering quince close up

    -by Most Beloved Celebration in Spring Blooms A Poem by the Cat Celebration in Spring Blooms by Most Beloved The serviceberries opened their white blossoms this week. A gentle breeze scatters their petals and airborne, they sift and drift down, joy in their flight, celebration in their journey. Most Affectionately Yours, Most Beloved

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