Gardens at Effingham: Where Cats Tell the Tales

Tucked in ’til Spring: Must Be Winter Gardens at Effingham

Tucked in ’til Spring: Winter Gardens at Effingham

Tucked In ’til Spring

Naps loom large on January days. Hours tap out a day’s rhythm counted only in number of naps. And baths. And regular breaks meant for nibbling snacks.

I live here year round at Gardens at Effingham, and not to brag, but I have been here longer than any other cat (ahem, yes Mr. Poof, that’s you). I make regular rounds to view  the perimeters of my garden, but alas, only from the inside of my gardener’s home.

Yes, yes, our house is large, spacious, accommodating, but house rules dictate: indoors only for all cats. Or at least us (and yes, no exceptions Mr. Poof).

I regularly watch skinny stray cats stretch themselves long and low to wiggle under the heavy garden gates. Stray cats are not technically “allowed” into the back gardens, but sneaking into the gardens doesn’t count if the owners don’t find out.  The bird feeders and winter gardens are equally as enticing for both songbirds and stray cats.

But that’s okay. I didn’t want to go outside anyway. Cold doesn’t look good on me.  Best for now just to stretch, yawn, and tuck in ’til spring. Beauty looks best when rested.

Affectionately yours,

Miss Purrfect (and you know it 😉

Tucked In ’til Spring–Winter Gardens at Effingham

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