Welcome to Gardens at Effingham

Gardens at Effingham

And when time tells all, it shall be this: that I loved and was loved; that I gave and lost all; and that in being lost, found here the grace of peace in gardens far more beautiful than any heaven I could but imagine.

Welcome to the gardens! Inspired by all things cats and Midwest gardens, I invite you to join me on both garden and cat adventures. Here, the cats lend voice to stories from the gardens.

Most Beloved cat shares her cat tales, often tattling on the outdoor garden cats, though remarkably serious at times. She offers her reflections of gardening, cats, birds (and more), and as is so often the case with cats, she has me doing the writing and transcribing for her.

Meet the Garden Cats

  • Most Beloved
  • Cali
  • Swirly, Cali’s brother
  • Stashio
  • Daddy cat
  • Double Dipped
  • Marmalade
  • Earl Gray
  • Kittens, always the kittens

Follow along as the cats, gardens, and I share photos, stories, and gardening tidbits at Gardens at Effingham.

Most Beloved
Cali Cat
Cali Cat
Earl Gray
Daddy cat
Double Dipped

Most Beloved
Stashio Cat
Am I Not a Cat? Raccoon at the Cat Feeder

Mr. Lincoln Tea Hybrid Rose

Gardens in the Midwest provide depth and beauty throughout the seasons of the year.

Spring and summer bring a spectacular display of early, mid, and late blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees: crocus, spring beauties, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, azaleas, rhododendron, dogwood, crabapple, redbud, fruit trees (and more), and by mid-summer, roses, daylillies, hosta, hydrangea, viburnum, resurrection lilies, ripe fruit on trees and vines, and plentiful berries.

Fall brings chrysanthemums and ornamental gourds, acorn and butternut squash, pumpkins of all varieties, seedum, and a colorful display as the flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees change into reds, oranges, yellows before the first frost.

And winter? A dormant display of trees without leaves, shriveled flowers and vines (important food for the birds who winter over), striking color in some shrubs, evergreens, Norway spruce, dogwood, and junipers, and a brilliant beauty in knowing that all that seems lost is merely tucked in for winter.


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