Happy Spring and Artful Blooms! A Poem by the Cat

Peach-colored flowering quince close up

-by Most Beloved

Celebration in Spring Blooms

A Poem by the Cat

Celebration in Spring Blooms
by Most Beloved

The serviceberries opened their white blossoms this week.
A gentle breeze scatters their petals and airborne,
they sift and drift down, 
joy in their flight,
celebration in their journey.

Most Affectionately Yours, Most Beloved
Cat paw of white cat indicating a signature by Most Beloved, Gardens at Effingham
Most Affectionately Yours, Most Beloved
White flowering Star Magnolia photographed at Gardens at Effingham
Flowering Star Magnolia, Gardens at Effingham
Gorgeous pink blossoms on crabapple tree, Gardens at Effingham
Flowering Crabapple, Gardens at Effingham
Profuse peach-colored flowering quince in spring at Gardens at Effingham
Cameo Flowering Quince, Gardens at Effingham

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